Pitch Wars Class of 2015 Fundraising Day!

Hey everyone! If you follow along with #PitchWars on social media, you may have seen the announcement our fearless leader, Brenda Drake, made a couple of weeks ago. The short story is this: Pitch Wars needs your support! For the past 5 years, Brenda and her team have worked tirelessly to organize and run the contest – a HUGE task! In order to help keep Pitch Wars completely free to entrants, team Pitch Wars is doing a donation drive to raise money to cover the administrative costs of running the contest.

Why should you donate to Pitch Wars?

Here’s what some of the 2015 mentees have to say:

“My mentorship with Rebecca Petruck transformed how I approach plotting, drafting, and revising.”  -Priscilla Mizell 

“My writing craft, circle of friends, and understanding of the business grew exponentially because of Pitch Wars. I can’t imagine trying to write now without the skills and support I learned from my PW mentor (Kendra Young) and fellow mentees.”  -Heather Murphy Capps

“Pitch Wars not only took my writing to the next level (I swear, it did more for my grasp of novel-writing than a creative writing major at college!), it also gave me a strong and vibrant community that, in turn, has made my writing even better. Through Pitch Wars, I’ve connected with CPs, dear friends, and a cheering section who help celebrate my successes and give me a boost when I was on the verge of giving up.

Also, the year that I applied and DIDN’T get in, the feedback on my query and first pages that I got from two of the mentors I submitted to was immensely helpful in guiding my writing in the direction that it needed to apply again, and get in, the year after!”  -Cindy Baldwin

Pitch Wars has helped countless authors improve their stories, get matched with agents, and go on to successful writing careers. But Pitch Wars is more than just a learning opportunity or career-advancing writing contest. It’s a community. A community that supports and encourages one another through the highs and lows of writing and selling books. We speak from experience when we say that this community has become an invaluable part of the life of every single writer who has participated. By donating to Pitch Wars, you are helping that community grow and paving the way for more great books.

The Pitch Wars Class of 2015 is proud (and grateful) to be part of this tight-knit community. Because of all that Pitch Wars has done for us, we wanted to do something special to help raise money. So…

The Pitch Wars 2015 Alumni will be hosting a special Pitch Wars fundraising day on July 15, 2016! 

We’d love to have you join us and make it a day filled with PitchWars love! The #PW2015Alumni will be on Twitter sharing some of our favorite things about #PitchWars and how it’s impacted our stories and our lives. And be sure to follow the To The Shelves Twitter page — starting today and leading up to our fundraising drive, we’ll be posting some fun “PitchWars Question of the Day” prompts to build excitement and help the mentors and past mentees connect with the 2016 mentee hopefuls.

But wait, there’s more! As a special thank you from the Pitch Wars Class of 2015, we are offering swag packs for the first 100 donors to give $15 or more on July 15th, during our drive! 

Pitch Wars Swag Pack

And don’t forget! For those of you planning to enter Pitch Wars, a donation of $20 or more will get you a swag pack PLUS the two extra Pitch Wars submission slots that Brenda is offering! That means you can submit to not just 4, but 6 mentors! And any donation will also get you 2 extra entries in the mentors’ prize giveaway (more details on that here). So many great reasons to give!

To claim your swag pack: Simply visit the donation page on Brenda’s blog on July 15th, make your donation of $15 or more, and email a copy of your receipt to pwdonorswag(at)gmail(dot)com. (Available to US and Canada addresses only.) Be sure to include your name and address!

We hope you’ll join us in supporting the Pitch Wars community and ensuring that even more writers can benefit from this amazing opportunity for years to come!

When all the other kids still wanted to be zookeepers and astronauts, Ashley dreamed of being a writer. (Okay, so she had her days of wanting to be a zookeeper/veterinarian/any job involving animals. But books were always her best friends.) When she’s not engrossed in the world of her next middle grade novel, you’ll find her drinking copious amounts of tea while hanging out with her husband, two kids, one schnoodle, and two aggressively affectionate cats.