About To The Shelves

To The Shelves

To the Shelves is a writing blog created by the mentees of Brenda Drake’s Pitch Wars 2015. The group originally communicated through a secret Facebook page of 125 writers, and the blog emerged as a way to share the extreme value of a writing group with a larger audience. We sometimes refer to the group as the hivemind because it allowed many of us to get multiple perspectives on many topics including queries, agent decisions, and even social media.

The group has a wide variety of skills and expertise that we are excited to share. Posts will cover anything writing related including pep talks, advice on craft, reflections on the writing process, pursuing writing professionally, and plain old book love, of course.


Brenda Drake and Pitch Wars

Pitch Wars is a writing contest created by Brenda Drake that matches unagented writers with a mentor who is either an agented writer, editor, or publishing industry intern. The mentor guides the mentee over a two month revision to prepare for the agent round at the end of the contest. Read more about it on Brenda’s blog. (Shout out to Brenda, who is amazing!)